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 Every day USA workers suffer on the job serious injuries or illness, even death.
If you or someone you know has suffered a work related injury contact our
experienced Workers Compensation Lawyers now for help securing
your workers compensation benefits.

Massachusetts Workers Comp Act provides 2 types of Workers compensation benefits
to workers injured on the job. Weekly disability checks and payment of medical expenses
related to the care and treatment of work related injuries or illness.


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If you have been hurt at work, suffered a workplace injury, or have a
workplace illness our Workers Comp Lawyers Group will assist you and your family
with everything required to file or appeal your Workers Compensation case.

Work Injury or Illness Attorneys' fees are part of your Workers Compensation package of
benefits so call our experienced lawyers today.
It is very important you fully understand
your rights as an on the job injured employee.

Your work injury or illness case will be given personal attention by our Workers Comp Lawyers Group staff. We will respond to your Worker Comp case questions promptly. 

Everyone working in Massachusetts injured in the course of their employment is covered by the Massachusetts Workers Compensation Act regardless of where they were hired.

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Your Workers Compensation Benefits are NOT taxable under either State of MA or Federal income tax laws.

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